CCGS HUDSON in Hamilton

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Some pictures of CCGS HUDSON during her stay in Hamilton at Heddle Marine in 2017. 

HUDSON in Heddle Marine’s floating drydock, seen from Hillyard Street

The Hudson, a survey and scientific research vessel which operates out of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, was launched by Saint John Shipbuilding in New Brunswick on 28 March 1963 and is thus weeks away from her fifty-sixth birthday.  The refit in Hamilton, which was expected to take five months, dragged on till HUDSON was finally towed from Hamilton uncompleted in November of 2017 so that she did not get stuck in the Great Lakes by the closure of the St. Lawrence Seaway. 

Now Chantiers Davie in Lévis, Quebec has declined to bid on a subsequent twenty million dollar refit, stating that the “level of degradation to the hull, fuel tanks, onboard systems and other structural elements presents a serious and real threat to the safety of life at sea as well as the environment.”

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