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RCSCC 151 SENECA existed from about 1956 till April 1972.  The cadets came from Caledonia, Haldimand County and Six Nations. It met in a small hip roofed building, called “The Chicken Coop”, still standing in the rear of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 154 at 29 Caithness Street East, Caledonia.   They used a 22” rifle range located in the basement at the rear of the Hewitt Building (18 Argyle Street North) and had an old lifeboat up the Grand River near Big Creek.

  • Surgeon LCdr Kevin Greaves, Navy League National Sea Cadet Chairman in 1982 and later President of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada was an officer there from 1956 to 1970
  • LCdr Ray Parks (CO of RCSCC LION from 1978 to 1981) started as a Civilian Instructor and was CO from 1962 till 1966
  • LCdr Don Williamson (CO of RCSCC LION 1973-1978 and later an officer at HMCS STAR)- 1957-1958
  • Other names associated with the corps were Roy Gumbley, Charley Gumbley, Dennis McCleary, William Burnham Jr and Thomas Burnham.
The Chicken Coop

Thanks to Bill Griffey,  a cadet from about 1966 to 1972, for some of this information.