HMCS STAR Monument & Book of Remembrance

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The Monument and Book of Remembrance were dedicated 27 May 1956 by Rear Admiral Kenneth F. Adams, Chaplain (P) H.M. Pentland & Cdr John H. Curtis with LS Charles Downey & LS Joseph Flarow as sentries.  The original Book of Remembrance lists, in alphabetical order, the names of fifty-three men who enlisted at HMCS STAR who lost their lives during the Second World War and one who died in an accident in 1947.

The revised Book of Remembrance lists the names in chronological order along with the ship that they were serving in and some personal information about them.  Their median age was twenty-two years.  Twenty-eight died as a result of enemy action, six as a result of collisions at sea, ten as a result of accidents, two in aircraft crashes and eight of disease or natural causes.  Six more have been added whose names were, for whatever reason, not on the original list.  Those who were lost at sea also had their names inscribed on twenty-three bronze panels on the base of the Halifax or Sailor’s Memorial in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, NS, where the annual Atlantic Fleet Remembrance Day ceremony is held every November.

Also included are the names of sailors from HMCS STAR who lost their lives while in service since 1956.

This list was compiled from various sources including The Canadian Virtual War Memorial of Veterans Affairs Canada and The Ultimate Sacrifice (Volumes 3 & 4) by Robert P D’Aoust.  Please notify me of any errors and omissions.


LCdr Neil S. Bell, CD, RCN (Ret’d)

Caledonia, ON

20 May, 2014

Last Revised January 2021


Sub Lieutenant Frederick Southam Ker, RCNVR

6 September 1940 – HMS GODETIA

Age 20, Son of Frederick Innes Ker, C.B.E. (managing director of The Hamilton Spectator) and Amy Wilson Southam Ker, of Staplehurst, Dundas,

Buried in Girvan (Doune) Cemetery; Ayrshire, Scotland, Sec. P. Grave 52.

Processional Cross at Christ’s Church Cathedral, Hamilton dedicated in his memory.

HMS GODETIA, a British Flower Class corvette, while escorting Convoy OA-207 (Methil on Firth of Forth to Liverpool), was rammed and sunk 6 September, 1940, 3 nautical miles off Altacarry Head, North Channel at 55° 18’ N 05° 57’ W by merchant ship Marsa (convoy OA.209), neither showing any lights.  32 of 47 crew lost.  On 4 September, Godetia and HMCS St. Laurent (Lt H.S. Rayner) had picked up 90 survivors from SS Titan, sunk by U-47 (Kptlt Gunther Prien).  Godetia was the first Flower Class corvette to be lost.


Ordinary Seaman Walter Garnett Armes, V-8307, RCNVR

19 October 1940 – HMCS Bras d’Or

Age 19, son of Ethel Armes, of Charles St., Hamilton, Childhood friend of O Sig William Danby who was lost on HMS Jervis Bay.

Halifax Memorial Panel 7

HMCS BRAS D’OR, an auxiliary minesweeper believed sunk in storm in St. Lawrence River near Sept Isles, all hands (30) lost.


Petty Officer John Joseph Mara, 2489, RCN

22 October 1940 – HMCS Margaree

PO Mara was a former sea cadet at RCSCC LION.  He joined the RCN in 1929 and was one of the survivors of the sinking of HMCS Fraser after collision with British cruiser HMS Calcutta on 25 June 1940.

Age 31, Son of Thomas and Sarah Mara, of 581 Catharine St N., Hamilton; husband of Annie Marguerite Mara, of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Halifax Memorial Panel 4

HMCS MARGAREE, sunk in collision with MV Port Fairy while escorting convoy OL-8 from Liverpool to Halifax, 142 lost


Ordinary Signalman William Hardy Danby, V-8267, RCNVR

5 November 1940 – HMS Jervis Bay

Age 20, Son of Wilfred and Jamesina H. Danby, of 296 Wellington St. N., Hamilton.  Employed by Chipman Holton Knitting Co.  Childhood friend of OD Walter Armes, lost on HMCS Bras d’Or.

Halifax Memorial Panel 7

HMS JERVIS BAY, an armed merchant cruiser, was sunk by the German Heavy Cruiser (Pocket Battleship) Admiral Scheer.  The Captain, Fogarty Fegen, was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross.


Ordinary Seaman Leslie Charles Byron Smith, V-8524, RCNVR

18 February 1941 – HMCS Stadacona

Died at Rockhead Infections Hospital, Halifax, from measles & pneumonia.

Age 19, Son of Charles H. Smith and Ethel B. Smith, of York.

Buried Cheapside United Church Cemetery


Ordinary Seaman Arthur Neil Dearden, V-8376, RCNVR

14 March 1941 – SS Western Chief

Probably a DEMS gunner onboard Western Chief, Age 18, Son of Frank M. and Alice Dearden, of Hamilton.

Halifax Memorial, Panel 8

SS WESTERN CHIEF, a straggler from convoy SC24 from Halifax to Liverpool, was torpedoed & sunk by Italian submarine EMO south of Iceland, 23 lost.


Lieutenant(E) Victor Roque Bussereau, RCNVR

13 April 1941 – HMS RAJPUTANA

Aged 27, son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Bussereau, of Luton, Bedfordshire, England, husband of Patricia Fitzpatrick of Hamilton, ON.  Employed by Babcock, Wilcox, Goldie & McCulloch in Galt.

Halifax Memorial Panel 8

HMS RAJPUTANA, armed merchant cruiser, torpedoed and sunk 13 April 1941 by U-108, while patrolling the Strait of Denmark west of Reykjavik.


Signalman Ernest William Ayers, V-8278, RCNVR

7 December 1941 – HMCS Windflower

Age 19, son of William and Julia Ann Ayers, of Hamilton.

Halifax Memorial Panel 8


Leading Stoker Wilbur Lamb Morris, V-8485, RCNVR

7 December 1941 – HMCS Windflower

Age 25, Son of George Edward and Janet Morris, of Port Carmen, Ontario.

Halifax Memorial Panel 8

HMCS WINDFLOWER, Flower class corvette, sunk in collision with SS Zypenberg in dense fog on the Grand Banks while escorting convoy SC-58, 23 lost. Shown here during acceptance trials in 1940 prior to her armament being fitted.


Lieutenant Robert Alexander Hughes, RCNVR

10 February 1942 – HMCS SPIKENARD

Age 28, Son of Edwin Arthur and Isabel Hughes, of Dundas, Ontario; husband of Esther Hughes, of Dundas, brother of LSA Hughes, killed on HMCS Esquimalt.  1st Lt., Reporter for Hamilton Herald and Toronto Star.

Halifax Memorial Panel 8 & St. Paul’s United Church, Dundas


Leading Stoker Cyril Frederick Kitchen, A-1571, RCNR

10 February 1942 – HMCS SPIKENARD

Age 23, Son of William Richard and Rebecca R. Kitchen; husband of Vera Marie Kitchen, of Dundas, Ontario.

Halifax Memorial, Panel 6

HMCS SPIKENARD, Flower Class corvette, torpedoed and sunk south of Iceland by U-136, 57 lost.


Lieutenant Ralph Crossley Ripley, RCNVR

16 February 1942 – HMS Fanling

Lt Ripley joined HMCS PRINCE OF WALES as Assistant Air Defence Officer in June, 1941 from HMS KING ALFRED, the Royal Navy officers’ training establishment and survived her sinking on 10 December.  Subsequent to the fall of Singapore (15 February 1942), the patrol launch HMS Fanling, carrying evacuees and a number of army staff officers, was intercepted by a Japanese cruiser in the Banka Strait, Sumatra, about 250 nm south east of Singapore. She opened fire with her four-pounder gun but was quickly sunk.

Age 26, Son of Ralph and Janet Lamont Crossley Ripley, Hamilton, Ontario, educated at University of Toronto.  Halifax Memorial Panel 8

HMS PRINCE OF WALES, King George V Class battleship, sunk by Japanese air attack, 10 December 1941, off the east coast of the Malay Peninsula, north of Singapore.


Signalman Walter James Crane, V-8330, RCNVR

13 Sept 1942, HMCS OTTAWA

Age 21, son of Percy and Mary Ann Crane, of Hamilton, Ontario; husband of Hazel LaVerne (nee Park) and father of Grace LaVerne Crane of Hamilton, Ontario, residence 194 Grant Ave, Enlisted January 8, 1940 in Hamilton.

Halifax Memorial Panel 9


Lieutenant Ian Stanley McLeod, RCNVR

13 Sept 1942, HMCS OTTAWA

Navigating Officer of HMCS OTTAWA

Aged 28, Son of Robert S. McLeod, and of Lillian M. McLeod, of Hamilton, Ontario; husband of Anne O. McLeod, of Hamilton, Employed by The Imperial Tobacco Company

Halifax Memorial, Panel 8


Able Seaman Ernest Francis Taylor, V-8299, RCNVR

13 Sept 1942, HMCS OTTAWA

Age 21, Son of Stanley W. and Doris G. Taylor, of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. Grandson of Elizabeth Bird, of Hamilton, Ontario.

Halifax Memorial, Panel 8


Able Seaman Thomas William Young, 3497, RCN

13 Sept 1942, HMCS OTTAWA

Age 20, Son of William H. Young, and of Eva Young of 137 East Ave S., Hamilton.  AB Young joined RCN in 1938 at 17, & survived the torpedoing and sinking of HMCS SAGUENAY 1940

Halifax Memorial, Panel 5

While escorting Convoy-ON-127 from Liverpool, HMCS OTTAWA was torpedoed & sunk by U-91east of St. John’s, 114 lost & 69 survivors


Convoy Signalman Frank Hinchcliffe, V-8495, RCNVR

26 September 1942 – SS Boston

Age 21, Son of Thomas P. and Olive Hinchliffe, of Hamilton

Halifax Memorial Panel 9

S.S. Boston, the Commodore’s ship of convoy RB-1, was torpedoed and sunk on 25 September 1942, 610 miles east-southeast of Cape Farewell by U-216, 47 survivors rescued by destroyer HMS Veteran which was torpedoed & sunk the next day by U-404 with all hands.


Ordinary Seaman David Oribine, V-8627, RCNVR

15 November 1942 – Troop Transport Ettrick

Assigned to HMS Quebec, RN amphibious landing training centre at Inveraray, Scotland & lost as a passenger on ETTRICK.

Age 21, Son of John & Katherine Oribine, 183 Catharine St N., Hamilton.

Halifax Memorial Panel 8

Troop Transport Ettrick was torpedoed and sunk off Gibraltar by U-155, 9 Canadians among 24 lost.


Ordinary Signalman Hector Albert “Bart” Charles Wooley, V-8285, RCNVR

12 December 1942 – HMCS AVALON, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Fire broke out in the Knights of Columbus Hostel where a dance was being held.  Nineteen Canadian sailors were among the ninety-nine killed.

Age 22, son of Hector Francis and Dorothy Woolley, of Hamilton, Ontario.

Buried Mount Carmel Cemetery, St. John’s, Newfoundland, NNE corner grave 1.


Leading Signalman Cecil Floyd Anderson, V-8276, RCNVR

18 May 1943 – HMCS Louisburg

L Sig CF Anderson died of injuries at Muttapha General Hospital, Algiers.

Age 24, born 19 April 1919, Son of Floyd Milton Anderson and Gladys Pearl Anderson, of Port Colborne

Buried Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery, Algiers, Algeria.  Plot 3 K12

HMCS LOUISBOURG, a Flower Class corvette, was sunk while escorting convoy KMF-8 from Gibraltar to Bone, Algeria, on 6 February 1943 just east of Oran, Algeria with the loss of 38 crew as a result of air attack by JU-88 bombers & Heinkel  HE-111 torpedo bombers.

Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery


Ordinary Seaman Louis Ross Rodgers, V-52807, RCNVR

26 May 1943 – HMCS St. Hyacinthe

While stationed at the RCN Signals School 35 miles east of Montreal, OD Rodgers was struck by a car while riding a bike and died in hospital as a result of his injuries.

Age 18, born 1925, Son of Earl and Olive B. Rodger, of Hamilton.

Buried Tillsonburg Cemetery, Sec 20, Lot 10, Grave 3


Able Seaman David Bayford Rowell, V-8359, RCNVR

20 September 1943 – HMCS St Croix

Age 23, Son of Watson and Ada P. Rowell of 208 Maple Ave., Hamilton

Halifax Memorial Panel 10

HMCS ST. CROIX, an American lend-lease destroyer, was torpedoed & sunk by U-305, 81 survivors rescued after 13 hours by HMS Itchen which was itself torpedoed and sunk by U-666 on 23 September – only one St Croix survivor


Coder James Ralph Freure, V-38509, RCNVR

25 October, 1943 – HMCS DRUMHELLER

Died after an emergency appendectomy – buried at sea

Age 22, Son of Samuel W. Freure, and of Leah May Freure, of Peterboro, Ontario, Employed at Wallace Barnes, Hamilton

Halifax Memorial, Panel 10,



Coder William Henry Callowhill, V-35422, RCNVR

29 October 1943 – HMCS Pictou

Killed in a fall from the jetty while returning from leave

Age 21, Son of Cecil Clayton & Kathleen Callowhill, of Hamilton

Buried Londonderry City Cemetery, Northern Ireland.


Steward Dirk Van Ooyen, V-8608, RCNVR

28 January 1944 – HMCS Mahone

HMCS MAHONE, a Bangor class minesweeper, was damaged in a collision with the merchant SS Fort Townsend off Louisburg.  Following the collision, Steward Van Ooyen was discovered to be missing.

Born 23 November, 1911 in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands, Age 32, resident of Woodhouse, Norfolk County.  Halifax Memorial Panel 13


Able Seaman Desmond Patrick Greeley, V-58022, RCNVR

18 February 1944

Possibly served as a DEMS gunner in SS Tweedsmuir Park.  Died on a hospital ship, possibly HMHS Vasna, of typhus fever.

Son of William John and Ellen Greeley, of Amprior, Ontario.

Buried Trincomalee War Cemetery, Sri Lanka, 2 E 23


Able Seaman Earl Alvin Bender, V-60330, RCNVR

26 March 1944

Born 17 July 1925, son of William & Nettie Bender of Humberstone Township, Port Colborne.

Died of unknown causes, age 18.

Buried Overholts Cemetery, Humberstone.


Stoker 2nd Class Robert Mclaren Justice, V-59101, RCNVR

19 April 1944 – HMCS Canso

Drowned after falling from a ladder while descending to the ship.

Age 19, Son of Robert McLaren Justice and Hannah Justice, of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Buried Weston Mill Cemetery, Plymouth, England, Section C Con, Grave 18196


Able Seaman Albert Ernest Allison, V-8402, RCNVR

29 April 1944 – HMCS ATHABASKAN

Age 30, son of Alexander & Euphemia Allison, husband of Dorothy Isabelle Allison, of Hamilton

Halifax Memorial, Panel 11

HMCS ATHABASKAN was torpedoed and sunk by German torpedo boat T-24 off the Crozon Peninsula in France with 128 lost, the largest single loss of life for the RCN during the Second World War.


Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class Walter McGiffen Love, V-8030, RCNVR

29 April 1944 – HMCS ATHABASKAN

Age 40, Son of Henry Edward Fred and Eva Elizabeth Love, of Hamilton, Ontario; husband of Muriel Mennetta Love, of Chestnut St., Hamilton

Halifax Memorial Panel 12


Able Seaman Eric Robertshaw, V-8634, RCNVR

29 April 1944 – HMCS ATHABASKAN

Age 27, Son of Edith Robertshaw, of Hamilton, Ontario.

Robertshaw Lake, Ontario named in his honour.

PLOUESCAT COMMUNAL CEMETERY; Finistere, France, Row B, Grave 22


Signalman William George Stewart, V-8866, RCNVR

29 April 1944 – HMCS ATHABASKAN

Age 22, Son of George T. and Hilda Stewart of Hamilton, Ontario.

Halifax Memorial, Panel 12, Stewart Lake, Ontario named in his honour.


Stoker Gordon William Barefoot, V-54372, RCNVR


Age 20, Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Barefoot, of St. James, Manitoba, Employed at National Steel Car, Hamilton

Halifax Memorial, Panel 12 & National Steel Car Memorial, 600 Kenilworth Ave. N., Hamilton


Ordinary Seaman Jeffery Alfred Long, V-62261, RCNVR


Age 19, Son of Herbert and Kathleen Long, of Hamilton

Halifax Memorial Panel 11


Able Seaman Frank Louis Windsor, V-8662, RCNVR


HMCS VALLEYFIELD, a River Class frigate, was torpedoed and sunk by U-548 south east of Newfoundland with the loss of 125 men.

Age 23, Son of Frederick and Mary E. Windsor; brother of Rita I. M. Spode, of New Toronto

Halifax Memorial, Panel 11


Able Seaman William John Davies, V-33684, RCNVR

21 June 1944 – HMCS Camrose

Accidentally shot when the ship’s revolver was being cleaned.

Age 21, Son of Maurice John and Elizabeth Davies, of Hamilton

Buried Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery, Portsmouth, England grave A 26 14


Stoker Petty Officer Leo Daniel McCowell, V-61856, RCNVR

12 July 1944 – HMCS Protector (Point Edward Naval Base), Sydney, N S

Died in the the RCN Hospital, Sydney, NS from Coronary Occlusion Thrombosis (heart failure)

Age 52,  Son of Sarah McCowell, of Hamilton; husband of Agatha McCowell, of Hamilton.

Buried Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, 600 Spring Gardens Road, Burlington.  Bay Front Section, Lot 71


Stoker Eric Stone Ottaway, V-46481, RCNVR

24 July 1944 – HMCS GIFFARD

Drowned while swimming.

Age 23, Son of Maurice and Hilda Ottaway, of Hamilton, Ontario.

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Sec. A. Plot 1. Grave K


Stoker 1st Class Donald Neil Garvey, V-75547, RCNVR

21 August 1944 – HMCS Alberni

HMCS ALBERNI, a Flower Class corvette, was torpedoed and sunk by U-480 southeast of the Isle of Wight, 59 men lost.

Age 22, Son of John P. and Clara Garvey, of 17 Erie Ave., Hamilton, Employed by Otis-Fensom Elevator Company

Halifax Memorial Panel 12


Stoker 1st Class Robert John Karns, V-52383, RCNVR

21 August 1944 – HMCS Alberni

Age 20, Son of Hugh & Margaret Isobel Karns of 56 Connaught Ave. S., Hamilton, Enlisted at HMCS STAR January 1943, Employed by International Harvester Co.

Halifax Memorial Panel 12


Leading Stoker Horace Edward Wilkinson, 22129, RCN

21 August 1944 – HMCS Alberni

Age 32, Son of Horace E. and Maude Wilkinson, of Hamilton, Ontario; husband of Audrey M. Wilkinson, of Hamilton, enlisted RN 1936 and transferred to RCN

Halifax Memorial Panel 6


Motor Mechanic Archibald B McPhail, V-42963, RCNVR

7 September 1944 – HMC M/L 082

Fairmile Motor Launch Q 082, suffered a fuel explosion in the engine room while based at HMCS CHALEUR II, Quebec City, but possibly operating out of Gaspe.

Died of burns.

Age 26, Husband of Rita McPhail, of Hamilton.

Buried Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Hamilton, Single Sec 1. Row 8. Grave 6


Stoker 1st Class John Lloyd James, V-54022, RCNVR

24 November 1944 – HMCS Shawinigan

HMCS SHAWINIGAN, a Flower Class corvette, was torpedoed and sunk by U-1228 in the Cabot Strait, all hands (91) lost

Age 22, Son of Edward William and Ethel Maude James, of Hamilton, Ontario

Halifax memorial Panel 12


Able Seaman Hugh Lamour Todd, V-8907, RCNVR

25 November 1944 – HMCS Shawinigan

Age 23, Son of John L. and Mary A. Todd, of Hamilton, Ontario.

Halifax Memorial Panel 11



Able Seaman John Chaychuck, V-35434, RCNVR

13 January 1945 – HMCS Niobe, Greenock, Scotland

Between 1941 & 1946, the shore establishment HMCS NIOBE at the site of the former Smithston Hospital was the HQ of the RCN in Britain.

Died of natural causes, Royal Canadian Naval Hospital, Greenock.

Age 21, Son of Katherine Chaychuk, of Hamilton

Buried Greenock Cemetery, Renfrewshire, Scotland, Section CCC, grave 1274


Lieutenant Bernard John Kennedy, RCNVR

16 January 1945, 763 Squadron, HMS Nightjar, RNAS Inskip

He enlisted at HMCS STAR in November of 1941 and served in the lower deck during 1942 on convoy duty.  Appointed Probationary Sub Lieutenant (temporary) 1 January 1943 and served in HMCS KINGS (Kings College of Dalhousie University taken over as an Officer Training Establishment) and undertook flying training in RCAF Goderich in 1943 and RCAF Aylmer in 1944.  He left for overseas in April 1944.  While on a night navigation exercise over the Irish Sea from RNAS Inskip in Lancashire, the Grumman Avenger Mk II JZ390 he was flying hit the Great Gully above Wastwater Screes in The Lake District of Cumbria, killing him and his crew of two.

Age 23, Son of John and Maggie Kennedy, of Ferguson Avenue North, Hamilton, Ontario.  Graduated from Cathedral High School and worked at National Steel Car.

Buried Lytham St. Anne’s (Park) Cemetery, Lancashire, England, Sec. D. Grave 734.


Engine Room Artificer 4th Class Wilfred Joseph Kennedy, V-47378, RCNVR

1 February 1945 – HMCS SCOTIAN, Halifax, NS

Died of natural causes.

Age 33, Son of Maurice and Margaret Kennedy, of Hamilton.

Buried Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Burlington, Section K, Lot 133.



Stoker Charles Wesley Long, V-55625, RCNVR

14 February 1945 – HMC MTB 461

MTB 461 & 465, along with three other boats of the 29th Flotilla and 7 RN boats, were destroyed by a fuel explosion and subsequent fire at Oostende, Belgium.  61 lost.

Age 27, Son of Charles Henry and Mary Jane Long, of Hamilton

Halifax Memorial Panel 13



Able Seaman William Robert Park, V-48704, RCNVR

14 February 1945 – HMC MTB 465

Age 20, Son of Haydn Augustus and Gladys Park, of Hamilton

Halifax Memorial Panel 13


Leading Stoker Jack Gardner Berryman, V-16905, MID, RCNVR

17 March 1945 – HMCS Guysborough 

HMCS GUYSBOROUGH, a Bangor Class minesweeper, was torpedoed and sunk by U-878 in the Bay of Biscay, only two lost in the sinking but forty-nine died awaiting rescue

Age 21, Son of Edward H. J. and Daisy E. Berryman, of Hamilton, Posthumous Mention in Dispatches “For outstanding courage, resolution and devotion to duty when their ship was sunk”

Halifax Memorial Panel 13


Leading Stoker Kenneth Leonard Parker, V-32001, RCNVR

14 April 1945

Born about 1922, son of Thomas Parker, husband of Pearl Parker of Ottawa.

Died of unknown causes, aged 23.  Buried Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa.


Leading Stores Assistant David Anderson Hughes, V-8384, RCNVR

16 April 1945 – HMCS Esquimalt

HMCS ESQUIMALT, a Bangor class minesweeper, was torpedoed & sunk by U-190 off Chebucto Head, NS.  46 lost.

Age 24, Son of Edwin and Isabel Hughes, of Dundas, Ontario, brother of Lt Robert Hughes, killed in HMCS Spikenard

Halifax Memorial Panel 13 & St. Paul’s United Church, Dundas


Lieutenant Commander John Woodward Dresser, O-20770, RCNVR

4 May 1945

Born 10 August 1901, son of Warren Sidney and Anna Dresser; husband of Georgina H. Dresser, 176 Geoffrey Street, Toronto.

Promoted T/LCdr 01 July 1943

Died of coronary thrombosis, age 43.

Buried Elmwood Cemetery, Sherbrooke, Quebec


Commissioned Engineer Robert Preston Craig, RCNR

13 October 1945 – HMCS SCOTIAN

Died in Halifax, NS, from Gastric Carcinoma.

Age 62, Husband of Mary Craig, of Hamilton.

Buried Woodland Cemetery, Hamilton; Sec. 20. Lot 230. West grave.


Leading Cook (S) John Campbell McLaren, V-8496, RCNVR

17 October 1945 – HMCS STAR

Died in Hamilton Military Hospital due to heart failure

Age 26, Son of Susan McLaren, of Hamilton.

Buried Woodland Cemetery, Hamilton, Sec. 7. Row 13. Grave 82.


Lieutenant(A) Frank Wilfred McGarry, O-048970

8 September 1945 – 768 Squadron, RN

Appointed Sub Lieutenant (Temporary) 12 October 1942.  Served with the Royal Navy and awarded wings 1 December 1944.  Served in RNAS Ballyhalbert / HMS CORNCRAKE near Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Killed when his Corsair crashed into a wall at Ballycram, 5 miles from Ballylabert Airfield, during a forced landing after an engine failure.

Aged 25, Son of Edward John and Agnes McGarry, of Toronto

Buried Mount St. Joseph RC Cemetery, Ballycranbeg, Northern Ireland, grave 24


Telegraphist Eric Milton Skinner, V-992, RCNVR

27 September 1945

Born about 1923, son of George J. & Ada Skinner of Toronto.

Died of unknown causes, age 22.

Buried St. John’s Norway Cemetery, Toronto.


Chief Engine Room Artificer Walter Arthur Duggins, V-22356, RCNVR

8 October 1946

Born 13 February 1889, son of Walter E. & Annie Duggins of Glasgow, Scotland, husband of Ethel of Galt.  Died, age 57 in Veterans Hospital, London (possibly Westminster Hospital at Commissioners & Wellington Roads), unknown causes.

Buried Port Elgin (Sanctuary Park) Cemetery.


Plumber 1st Class John Logue, V-58849, RCNVR

19 June 1946

Born about 1898, son of Husband of Sarah Logue of Preston.

Died of unknown causes, age 48.

Buried Preston Public Cemetery, Cambridge.


Ordinary Seaman Richard Alan Appleyard, 5734-H, RCN

16 July 1947 – HMCS MICMAC

HMCS MICMAC collided with SS Yarmouth County off Sambro Head near Halifax, 5 dead, 15 injured, 5 missing presumed dead

Age 19, Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Appleyard, of Hamilton, Ontario.

Buried Woodland Cemetery, Hamilton, Sec. 7. Row 17. Grave 84.


Additions Since 1956


Ordinary Seaman Dorian Smith

7 January 1957

Bandsman, Age 43, Port Dover, killed in a traffic accident, leaving a wife and seven children.


Chief Petty Officer Derek Vardy

23 April 1966

Age 36, killed in a traffic accident


Commander Harry Charles Tilbury

29 July 1966

Served in the RCNVR during the Second World War as an electrician before being commissioned. Promoted Commander in 1963 and appointed Commanding Officer, HMCS STAR, May 1964

Address:  3 Hudson Court, Hamilton.

Husband of Sarah J. Toomey & father of four

Aged 49, Maintenance Supervisor, Killed in an industrial accident at STELCO


Leading Seaman Douglas STOAKLEY, R-15721

2 January 1968

As the result of a Motor Vehicle Accident


Sub Lieutenant William John Boles

3 February 1968

Age 24, communicator at HMCS STAR, joined RCN in Short Service Officer Training Plan (SSOTP) in 1964, watch keeping certificate in HMCS YUKON, transferred to Naval Air in 1966.  Killed when his CS-2F Tracker #1543 of VU 32 crashed during an instrument approach to CFB DOWNSVIEW.  Funeral conducted by STAR 6 February 1968.


Leading Seaman Brian Williams

August 1974

Bookkeeper at Stelco and clarinet player in HMCS STAR band

Died of Crohn’s Disease


Lieutenant(N) Lesley John Repei

20 August 1984

Age 27

Transferred to the Regular Force from HMCS STAR.  Killed in an automobile accident in Nova Scotia.  A street in Saint Elizabeth’s Village, Hamilton is named Lieutenant Repei Lane in his memory.


Murray Robert Laking

15 June 1989

Son of C. Ross Laking and Camilla McCrory , Burlington, ON


Master Seaman Victor Steflja

24 January 2007

Age 34, civilian employee of Investors Group and a Boatswain at HMCS STAR

Died in Victoria, BC.

Interned Bayview Mausoleum, Hamilton.



Lieutenant(N) James Felix Sebe

21 April 2010

Age 41

Died of natural causes while employed as Public Affairs Officer for the Skyhawks


Lieutenant(N) Harold William Fancy

5 December 2011

Age 54, of cancer.  As a CPO1, he received the Order of Military Merit in 2008 before taking his commission.


Leading Seaman Matthew Peter Pinczak

10 July 2019

Aged 30, born Aylmer, Ontario. He joined the Naval Reserve in 2007 at HMCS PREVOST and obtained a Bachelor of Science at Western University. He qualified as a Ship’s Team Diver and did a NATO deployment in HMCS St. John’s. He was employed as a Human Resources Admin Clerk in STAR’s Ship’s Office.

S2 Umberto “Maya” Musferrer

9 January 2021

Aged 21, as a result of a recreational diving accident. Born Toronto, Ontario. He joined HMCS STAR in 2019 and had recently earned his Dolphins as a Ship’s Team Diver.