Hamilton Naval Veterans’ Association

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HNVA anniversary HNVA anniversary pin  

The HNVA, or the “Parkdale Naval Vets”, was founded in 1956, with premises at 108 Parkdale Avenue North, celebrated their sixtieth anniversary on 30 April 2016, and closed Battle of Atlantic Sunday, 2018.  

Members of the HNVA were invited to join the Veteran’s Service League at 1473 Main St E, Hamilton, ON L8K 1C7, which is only 1.6 kilometres from their previous home.

Prior to their closing, they donated a set of twenty-four framed & numbered prints, Lost In Action, by Pat Burstall, portraying ships of the RCN lost in the Second World War. These have been installed in STAR’s main staircase to the second deck.

HMCS ESQUIMALT, one of the Lost in Action series.

Also donated was a ship’s bell that probably should never have left STAR in the first place. Inscribed “Gunroom HMCS STAR” and “Presented by CPO Walter F “Pop” Carey”, it has yet to find a permanent home.