6th – HMS STAR (18) West Indies / METEOR – Rocket’s Red Glare

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18 gun sloop, built by Tanner of Dartmouth, launched 26-Jul-1805, 106ft long, 28ft wide and of 371 tons builders measurement.

  • 1806 Captain John SIMPSON – While stationed off Vila do Conde, some 15 miles north of Oporto, Portugal, on 24 January 1806, she recaptured two English brigs which had been taken while under convoy of MERCURY from Newfoundland. They were the ADVENTURE of Poole with fish for Oporto and the ARGO of Teignmouth with fish for Lisbon.
  • 1808 F.A. COLLIER, Leeward Is.
  •  She was sent as part of a fleet of 45 ships with 10,000 troops to attack the French garrison of Martinique.  The island capitulated on 24 February, 1809.  The next year, the neighbouring island of Guadeloupe was also attacked and surrendered on 6 February, 1810.  Troops participating in the attacks received a medal and STAR was granted the battle honours “Martinique 1809” and “Guadeloupe 1810“.
  • 1811 R. PATTERSON, Leeward Is.
  • 1812 – renamed Meteor, bomb.  As Meteor, she was armed with 8 x 24 pdr carronades, 2 x 6 pdr guns, 10 inch mortar and a 13 inch mortar.  She took part in operations against Danzig and a blockade of the Scheldt.  She & Mars captured six American vessels winning prize money amounting to 1 ½ years salary for a Captain and over two months’ wages for an Ordinary Seaman.  In 1814 she took part in operations in the Potomac River including the bombardment of Fort McHenry, Baltimore.  The “bombs bursting in air” from The Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key were, at least in part, Meteor‘s.

  • 1814                Cdr Samuel Roberts
  • Oct 1814                     Jamaica
  • 16 October 1816          sold