Other Warships Called STAR

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There have been, depending on your definitions and sources, around eleven other vessels in the Royal or Commonwealth navies called either STAR or STARR and one called STAR XVI.  Since naval vessels of the Commonwealth and many other countries trace their ancestry through all previous vessels with the same name and inherit Battle Honours from those vessels, they are part of our history.

1st         East India STAR  1625

2nd        Commonwealth STAR 1650-1652

3rd        STARR/STAR (4), fireship 1667

4th        STARR (8), bomb 1694-1712

5th         STAR (14), sloop 1779-1785

6th         STAR (18), brig-sloop 1795-1802

7th         STARR / METEOR (16), ship-sloop 1805-1812

8th        LORD MELVILLE /STAR (14), brig 1813-1837

9th        STAR (8), packet brig 1835-1857

10th      STAR, Wood Screw Sloop 1860-1877

11th      STAR, C Class Destroyer  1896-1919