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In 1952, the Great Lakes Training Centre (GLTC) was established at HMCS STAR.  Naval Reservists from across Canada came to Hamilton each summer for trade courses or to embark on vessels of the training squadron.  On 28 March 1953, Commanding Officer Naval Divisions (COND) was established at STAR and on 1 February 1956, HMCS PATRIOT was commissioned to handle all GLTC and COND matters.  Only eleven years later, on 18 August 1967, with the reorganization of the Armed Forces in full swing, PATRIOT was paid off and COND moved to Ottawa as Director Naval Reserves (DNR).

Rear Admiral (Retired) Walter Hose, the “father of the naval reserve”,  who, on 
14 October 1954,  laid the cornerstone for a new building that would house both COND and GLTC.