The Base, pre-1995

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base plan 001


1.            Commanding Officer Naval Divisions (COND) / Hamilton Militia District HQ

2.            HMCS STAR

3.            Guard House (Commissionaires)

4.            Chief’s & Petty Officers’ Mess / C& PO’s Accommodations and latterly Medical Company above

5.            Junior Ranks Mess, Galley / Offices, classrooms & former accommodation above

6.            Bosn’s Stores (Paint, POL) in one half, main water & hydro feed to the base in the other

7.            BCE Garage / later C&PO’s Mess storage, 23 Med storage

8.            GLTC classrooms / later 23rd Svc Bn stores

9.            GLTC Communications Training Centre

10.          GLTC Radio Station / HMCS STAR band room

11.          GLTC training, removed in the early 1960s

12.          GLTC training, removed in the early 1960s

13.          GLTC training, removed in the early 1960s

14.          Boatshed north end / BCE south end

15.          Diesel generator shed – shore power for GLTC ships alongside / Sea Cadet Sailing School

16.          MSE

17.          HMCS STAR Engineering Department

18.          Hamilton Militia District HQ POL shed

Morning Divisions at GLTC in 1952. Building Five is visible to the right, a Seafire is parked behind the dias and 70′ mast but buildings Eight, Nine & Ten are not yet there.
An aerial shot from 1959 following the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway with five Restigouche Class DDEs, three Prestonian Class FFEs and SCATARI alongside.
A SPECTATOR photo from 12 November 1960.
Another 1960 shot showing Pier Eight in the process of landfill.