How it all started

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HMCS STAR Historical Collections, incorporated as a charity under the name HMCS STAR Unit Fund, was established with the support of the late Commodore (Ret’d) “Buck” Bennett & Capt(N) Pierre Yans in order to collect and display naval related artefacts to reflect the life of seamen in the Hamilton area and to promote community awareness and interest in naval history.

The original committee consisted of:

  • SLt Rita Lee-Irvine, Chair
  • Cdr Doug Mark
  • MWO Andre Vezina
  • PO2 Paul Orgar
  • LS/MS Margaret Mathers
  • Mr Dan Wentworth
  • Mr George Hedden
  • Mr Alex Tennant
  • Mr Arthur Burchat
  • Mr Mike Brydges
  • Mr Gord Troughton
  • Mr Paul Betz
  • Mr Larry Cardinal

The vast majority of our current collection was gathered by the volunteers of this organization between 1991 and 2000.


Cdr Doug Mark and SLt Rita Lee-Irvine in the CO’s cabin, Building Two.
The original 1991 collection was housed in what had been the Gunroom for UNTD Cadets.
Members of the Committee at work.