NAC Scholarships

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Since at least 1977, the Naval Association of Canada has offered scholarships to members of HMCS STAR. Initially they were intended only for Naval cadets and Junior Officers but they are now open to all ranks. The scholarship amounts to $2,500 per year for up to four years.

In this 1989 picture, a smiling NCdt (Later Commander) Lorne Carruth receives the plaque and award from NOAC representative Gil Hutton while LCdr Gary Robertson looks on.

Our records are incomplete but here are some of the winners.

1977                OCdt Francis Barreto

1978                OCdt Jennifer Bennet – RAdm, ComNavRes, Chief Reserves & Cadets

1979                OCdt David M. Thomson – Lt and MD

1980                no award

1981                OCdt Richard H. Oland – Cdr & CO of SCOTIAN

1982                OCdt Michael Cobham

1983                OCdt Charles Fraser

1984                OCdt Brad J. Harness

1985                OCdt Mark E. Carruth

1986                OCdt Cadet Derek Jackson – Lt & XO of STAR

1987                NCdt Jeffery Munn

1988                NCdt Craig Halblander

1989                NCdt Lorne Carruth – Cdr, Commander Coastal Forces Pacific, etc

1990                NCdt Michael Jolliffe

1991                NCdt Liza Chang

1992                A/SLT Philip Twyford

1993                NCdt Richard O. Mayne – naval historian & author

1994                NCdt Marc Zandvliet – LCdr at MALAHAT

1995                NCdt Michael Lafferty

1996                SLT Johan Broman – Lt, XO of west coast MCDVs

1997                NCdt Mark Playfair

1998                A/SLT Jennifer Lee Robinson

1999                SLT Stephen Churm – CO of STAR 2016

2000                SLT Michael Acheson

2001                NCdt John Arthur

2002                no award

2003                NCdt Aaron Lealess

2004                NCdt Ryan Bell – LCdr, RCN