The Vinegar Works

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Vinegar Works 001 - Copy

STAR’s third home was located at 41 Stuart Street between Bay & MacNab, beside the Customs House.  The site was originally the Dominion Vinegar Works, a  wooden vinegar factory built in 1870 by James Williamson, sold to grocers William and Michael Doran in 1875 and  burnt down in 1912.  A three story brick replacement was built and vinegar production continued on the site until well after the turn of the 20th century.  The Hamilton Half Company moved in on 2 July 1935 and stayed till 1943.  The building became the home of the Cabot Macaroni Company until destroyed by fire on 24 January, 1948 and rebuilt as a one story brick office building.

To the right of the sketch above can be seen the distinctive facade of The Custom House, built in 1858, and still in use as The Workers Arts and Heritage Centre.


Right across the street from the original site is the new West Harbour GO Station which opened in 2015 for the Pan Am Games.