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Items of general naval interest:

Manual of Ceremony for HMC Ships, Submarines and Naval Reserve Divisions (1999-8-31)     Manual of Ceremony

Canadian Forces Manual of Drill and Ceremonial (2001-05-15)  A-PD-201-000/Pt-001      CANADIAN_FORCES_MANU0

The Honours, Flags and Heritage Structure of the Canadian Forces  A-AD-200-000/AG-000     CFP 200 – Honours Flags and Heritage

Canadian Armed Forces Dress Instructions ((2016-09-19)  A-DH-265-000/AG-001     A-DH-265-000-AG-001

RCN Manual of Drill and Ceremonial     BRCN 3058 (1 March 1964) – BRCN 3058(64)

Royal Naval Handbook of Field Training  – 1926    Royal-Naval-Handbook-of-Field-Training-1926