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A source of some confusion is the existence of a ship called HMCS STAR XVI.

When Germany invaded Norway on April 9th, 1940, a number of Norwegian whale catchers were in the Caribbean coming back from the South Atlantic whaling grounds.  STAR XVI and SUDEROY IV, V & VI made their way to Halifax where, on April 24th, the crew was taken off, with some training in Lunenburg for service in the Norwegian Navy.

HMCS STAR XVI was built in Oslo, Norway in 1930.  Her displacement was 249 tons gross and her dimensions were 116’ lbp, x 23’9” x 13’2”.  She had a triple expansion Akers engine developing 800 ihp and made 10 knots.  She was taken into the RCN with a crew of 4 officers and 25 men, pennant number “Z-16” and served in the St. John’s Local Defence Force in early 1942 and then the Sydney Local Defence Force starting in June 1942, and was finally paid off on August 31st, 1945.

We have a twelve foot long STAR XVI pennant in our collection (12-004).

Star xvi