RCN & HMCS STAR History Quiz

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A quiz done collaboratively at HMCS STAR on the 20 January 2018 training day.  How well would you do?

  1. What were the RCN’s first two warships?
  2. There are three Second World War warships from the RCN still in existence? Where are they?  Which one served in both WWI & WWII?
  3. What is the significance of “Wavy Navy”?
  4. What warship type became the symbol of the RCN during WWII?
  5. What is the double significance of the date, October 21st, to the RCN.
  6. What is the RCN’s birthday?
  7. What were the RNCVR & the RCNVR?
  8. Winston Churchill said, “The only thing that ever really frightened me during the war was the . .. . . It did not take the form of flaring battles and glittering achievements, it manifested itself through statistics, diagrams, and curves unknown to the nation, incomprehensible to the public.” What was he talking about and how do we remember it in the RCN every year?
  9. What Canadian warship, technologically advanced in her time, now lies in 72 metres of water just off the Florida Keys?
  10. What is the connection between HMCS HAIDA and the Harry DeWolf Class Arctic Offshore Patrol Vessels?
  11. What Canadian ship (not a warship) is named after a character in a French cartoon series?
  12. What was the unification of the Armed Forces, when did it occur and why did the RCN hate it?
  13. During the Second World War, what was a Wren?
  14. How did an ad hoc volunteer group of Hamilton sailors create a diplomatic incident with the United States in 1837?
  15. There have been at least three HMCS PATRIOTs in the RCN but one was close to home. What was it?
  16. What artefact do we have at STAR that is connected to The Charge of the Light Brigade and Florence Nightingale?
  17. What artefact of a British battleship do we have at STAR?
  18. What event in the United States caused the formation of the first Hamilton naval reserve unit?
  19. What famous Hamilton politician served briefly in the Royal Navy during the War of 1812?
  20. What is the largest calibre weapon held at STAR? What was it originally used for?
  21. How does STAR come to have Battle Honours for Dover 1652, Martinique 1809 & Guadeloupe 1810?
  22. What is the significance of the propeller on top of the display case on the quarterdeck?
  23. What large artefact from a Second World War Canadian warship do we have at STAR? How did we get it?
  24. What was the major role of Hamilton’s Naval Reserve Division during World War II?
  25. When was Hamilton’s Naval Reserve Division formed and where was its first HQ?
  26. When was HMCS STAR commissioned?
  27. Where was our second home and what happened to it?
  28. Who was Admiral Walter Hose, and where would one find a memento of him at STAR?
  29. Who were the Fenians and how was the Naval Reserve involved?
  30. What object on the quarterdeck is related to 31 March 1972 a sad day in the RCN?
  31. What is STAR’s connection to the War of 1812, and just who was Lord Melville?