HMCS SCATARI      AKS 514        

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During the Second World War, the RCAF operated various isolated stations either as radio installations or as bases for seaplanes or land based aircraft. In order to keep these bases supplied, supply vessels were built or purchased.  Two of these were RCAF MALAHAT M467 and RCAF SONGHEE M468.  Built at Star Shipyard (Mercer’s) in New Westminster, BC, they were wooden hulled, and at 86’ x 24.3’ x 8.42, they were roughly the same size as the RCN’s Glen class tugs which they resembled.  They were powered by the same 400 hp 6 cylinder diesel engine from Enterprise Engine & Foundry Company as the Glens.  MALAHAT served with Western Air Command in Vancouver during the war and then transited through the Panama Canal to the East Coast in May of 1946.  In September 1949, she had the misfortune to burn out her bearings in Hudson Strait and was towed by the frigate SWANSEA to Goose Bay, Labrador, a tow of eleven hundred miles.

In 1957, she was transferred from the RCAF to the RCN, reclassified as AKS 514 and renamed SCATARI, probably after Scatari(e) Island on the east coast of Cape Breton Island near Louisbourg.. Attached as a tender to HMCS PATRIOT, she served as a Naval Reserve training vessel on the Great lakes for fifteen years till she was sold in 1972 and renamed SUSAN M II.

There had been an earlier SCATARIE, a former rum runner during the twenties, which was seized and served with the RCMP and then was transferred to the RCN during the Second World War.

Scatari SCA0002