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New Photo of 14th CO

A/Cdr George Holcombe Parke was Commanding Officer from 27 Nov 50 to 1 Dec 53. This picture is supplied courtesy of his daughter, Sarah Laidlaw. Note the RCNVR “Wavy Navy” stripe of a Sub Lieutenant. He was promoted to Lieutenant on 27 April 1943 so this picture predates that. He served at sea in the corvettes DAWSON & SHEDIAC as Gunnery Officer. After the war, he joined STAR in 1946 and served as XO from September 1948 till becoming CO in 1950. He was promoted to Commander (AWSE) on 1 January 1951.

In civilian life, he was a pharmacist and President of President of Parke & Parke Ltd, a drugstore at the corner of King & James where Jackson Square is today.

New CO & XO for STAR

On 26 June, LCdr Marie-Sonya Sowa succeeded Cdr Stephen Churm as the 36th Commanding Officer of HMCS STAR and Lt(N) Mike DiBerardo, on promotion to LCdr became Executive Officer. Cdr Churm has been appointed as Special Advisor Workplace Relations at NAVRESHQ. Congratulations to all.

LCdr Marie-Sonya Sowa,

36th CO of HMCS STAR

LCdr Mike DiBerardo, XO

Battle of the Atlantic

The Battle of the Atlantic is always remembered on the first Sunday of May.  Being the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe), this year’s ceremonies were to be very special.  COVID-19 has resulted in an amended program.  A virtual commemoration will take place on Sunday 3rd May, on the Navy’s national Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Battle of the Atlantic content and programming will begin at 0700 EST and continue throughout the day. 
The content includes:
0800 EST:  Battle of the Atlantic feature video;
0900 – 1000 EST:  Historical overview of key victories and events; and
1100 – 1130 EST:  Modified wreath-laying ceremony by Vice Admiral Art McDonald, Commander of the RCN, and CPO1 David Steeves, Comand Chief Petty Officer. 
 These times are tentative and subject to change.  For more information, please visit: