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STAR’s Link to James Bond

STAR Accession #STA1991.0.007.4

This coat is No. 1 Full Dress which would be worn with epaulettes, cocked hat & sword with dress sword belt.  There is also a hat box and an epaulette box.  No. 1 Full Dress was put in abeyance during WWII and never reintroduced, except for a modified version worn by Flag Officers and members of the Royal Family.

Cdr Cohen display on the quarterdeck of HMCS STAR
Cdr Cohen Display, Quarterdeck, HMCS STAR

Cdr Kenneth Herman Salaman Cohen, CMG, CB, RN (1900 – 1984)

Cohen joined the Royal Navy in 1918 and retired as Commander.  In 1936, he was seconded to the British Secret Intelligence Service, popularly known as MI6.  During the Second World War, he was in charge of agents in Vichy France, including Marie-Madelaine Fourcade, code name Hérisson, who led Alliance, the largest French resistance network.  Cohen ended the war as Chief Controller Europe and retired from the SIS in 1953, likely when he was not chosen to become the next head or “C” (called “M” in James Bond novels).  Cohen was created CMG (Companion of the Order of St. Michael & St. George) in 1946 and CB (Companion of the Bath) in 1954.

Cohen as a LCdr, RN in 1932
Cohen as a LCdr, RN in 1932
Kenneth Cohen