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A sea cadet at RCSCC LION from 1963 to 1968, I joined the Naval Reserve at HMCS STAR in 1968 as a Bos'n. I was an Officer Cadet in the ROUTP, commissioned in 1971, and awarded my watchkeeping ticket in 1973. I served at sea, at one time or another, in all five Gate Vessels and HMCS FORT STEELE & CHAUDIERE as well as the Coast Guard icebreaker Louis St. Laurent and served as OIC of the patrol vessels RALLY and RAPID. At STAR from 1968 to 2007, I served as XO twice and then as CO from 2002 to 2005. I rounded out my career by serving as SSO Training at NAVRESHQ in Quebec City in 2008, retiring in 2009 as CO of HMCS HUNTER in Windsor. I was Executive Director for the Friends of HMCS HAIDA till 2011 and have been an active volunteer onboard HAIDA since she arrived in Hamilton in 2003.

Our New Badge

Hamilton Naval Association badge

On a hurt between in chief a stock-less anchor and in base a sledge hammer fess-wise a
heavy anchor chain of three links fess-wise all Or. The whole surrounded with a ribbon Or
edged Azure inscribed with the name of the organization beginning and ending with a stylized
maple leaf Rouge and joined in base with a shackle Or. Ensigned overall with a Naval Crown

The blue background represents the ocean and lakes of Canada, the anchor chain signifies
the link between the Naval community represented by the stock-less anchor and the city of
Hamilton, represented by the hammer. The shackle joins the end of the ribbon holding
elements together and is used to depict a naval environment. The red Maple Leaves mark the
organization as being Canadian.
(The description of a heraldic design is called a Blazon, normally little or no punctuation is
used in heraldic blazons. A hurt is a blue disc. ‘In chief’ is above the mid point and ‘in base’
means below that point. Fess-wise means ‘across horizontally’, the names of Colours are
usually in Norman French and capitalized, Or is gold, Rouge is red, Azure is blue, Proper
means ‘in its natural colour’. “Ensigned overall” is above or on the top of.)

Plain language Description;
A gold chain of three links is depicted horizontally in the centre of a blue disc with a golden,
stock-less anchor above it and a golden sledge hammer below. The whole device is
surrounded by a golden or yellow ribbon on which the name of the organization is written and
two Maple Leave are shown, one at the beginning and on at the end of the name.. The ribbon
is edged in blue and the ends of the ribbon are joined by a golden shackle. On top of the
whole device is a Naval Crown in its natural colour.

STAR’s Link to James Bond

STAR Accession #STA1991.0.007.4

This coat is No. 1 Full Dress which would be worn with epaulettes, cocked hat & sword with dress sword belt.  There is also a hat box and an epaulette box.  No. 1 Full Dress was put in abeyance during WWII and never reintroduced, except for a modified version worn by Flag Officers and members of the Royal Family.

Cdr Cohen display on the quarterdeck of HMCS STAR
Cdr Cohen Display, Quarterdeck, HMCS STAR

Cdr Kenneth Herman Salaman Cohen, CMG, CB, RN (1900 – 1984)

Cohen joined the Royal Navy in 1918 and retired as Commander.  In 1936, he was seconded to the British Secret Intelligence Service, popularly known as MI6.  During the Second World War, he was in charge of agents in Vichy France, including Marie-Madelaine Fourcade, code name Hérisson, who led Alliance, the largest French resistance network.  Cohen ended the war as Chief Controller Europe and retired from the SIS in 1953, likely when he was not chosen to become the next head or “C” (called “M” in James Bond novels).  Cohen was created CMG (Companion of the Order of St. Michael & St. George) in 1946 and CB (Companion of the Bath) in 1954.

Cohen as a LCdr, RN in 1932
Cohen as a LCdr, RN in 1932
Kenneth Cohen