6th HMS STAR Update

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A fir built 18 gun brig-sloop (two square rigged masts), one of eight Albatross Class, built by Perry of Blackwall, launched 29 August 1795, 96 feet long by 30 feet, 6 inches, 365 tons builders measurement.   She was armed with sixteen 32 pdr carronades and two 6 pdr bowchasers.

  • 1795                 conveyed troops from the Cape to Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth)
  • 1795-1796     Surveyed off the west coast on South Africa
  • 20 December 1796     Took the Privateer Cutter Le Coup d’Essai (2) off the Isle of Wight and recaptured the brig Ann
  • 13 March 1798            took the Danish Mathilda Maria en route from Copenhagen to Tranquebar (Coromandel Coast of India) with wine, beef, pork, etc., off Ile de France (Mauritius)
  • 12 May 1798   took a French ship, 40 to 50 tons burthen, as a prize off the east coast of Mauritius
  • 1801 Portsmouth
  • 1802     sold for breaking up

On the 3 November 1801 Capt. GARDNER appeared before a court martial on board GLADIATOR in Portsmouth Harbour charged by surgeon William LIND with tyrannical behaviour towards his officers, having traded in slaves off Madagascar and having plundered a French prisoner. After examining the officers and crew of STAR, the court decided that the charges were ill founded and malicious and the captain was honourably acquitted. 

1:48 plan signed by John Henslow [Surveyor of the Navy, 1784-1806] and William Rule [Surveyor of the Navy, 1793-1813].

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