HMCS STAR Historical Collections Committee

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We are the custodians of the Historical Collection at HMCS STAR, Hamilton’s Naval Reserve Division, appointed by the Commanding Officer of HMCS STAR to assist him in carrying out his responsibilities to care for artefacts that belong to the ship. The current committee consists of:

  • Neil Bell
  • David Donkin
  • Bob DeWolfe
  • Don Williamson
  • Doug Martin
  • Tabitha De Bruin
  • Lt(N) Marko Babic 

Our aims are:

  • to act as custodians of HMCS STAR Historical Collection and to collect, preserve, display and interpret items such as documents, pictures, books, uniforms, badges, medals and other artefacts relating to:
  • Hamilton Half Company of the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve & HMCS STAR
  • Local Navy League of Canada branches, Boys Naval Brigades and Sea Cadet Corps; and
  • the wider naval and maritime history of the Hamilton area;
  • The use of these items for education and research;
  • Liaison and cooperation with other historical collections and museums such as:
    • The Naval Museum of Quebec;
    • Canadian Forces Directorate of History & Heritage
    • Maritime Command Museum, Halifax
    • CFB ESQUIMALT Naval & Military Museum
    • Canadian War Museum
    • HMCS HAIDA National Historic Site
    • The Hamilton Military Museum
    • Canadian Military Heritage Museum, Brantford.

Volunteers:  Any current or former member of the Naval Reserve at HMCS STAR or the RCN and other interested persons are encouraged to contact us to find out how they can get involved. We can always use help.