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Sixteen Bells

28 December 2014

The messes at HMCS STAR will hold their annual New Year’s Levee on Thursday, January 1st, starting at 11:00.    All mess members and retired mess members are invited.  Light lunch, refreshments and Moose Milk!

N.B.     The traditional eight bells, to mark the end of a watch, is replaced at midnight on New Year’s Eve, by sixteen.

The Navy Grey Cup

Hamilton’s Navy – Air Force Grey Cup

The 1944 St. Hyacinthe-Donnacona Navy Combines
The 1944 St. Hyacinthe-Donnacona Navy Combines

Seventy years ago, the 32nd Grey Cup was played in Hamilton between the Hamilton Flying Wildcats (Flying because of the RCAF personnel on the team) and the St. Hyacinthe-Donnacona Navy Combines.  Navy won 7 to 6.

As for the 102nd Grey Cup – “oskee wee wee”!