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Wardroom Ship’s Wheel Table

There is a table in the wardroom at HMCS STAR composed of a ten spoke ship’s wheel on a metal stand with a polycarbonate insert for the top.  People remember it in the wardroom in Building Two as far back as 1951, at which point it reportedly had a wooden base, and it moved to Building Forty in 1997.  It has been suggested that it might have come from LCdr Archie Hodge (1922-2004) but we cannot confirm that and information on its provenance is needed.  Shown below is a table that was definitely made by Archie for comparison.

Additional Resources & References

Various documents have been added for quick reference.

Naval Affairs

Veteran’s Service League

With the winding down of the HNVA, (tentatively May 4, 2018), the VSL (Veterans Service League) on 1473 Main Street East in Hamilton (seven blocks west of the Queenston traffic circle), has offered a free 1 year membership to all current members of the HNVA.   Their membership year runs from March to March. If you are interested in becoming a member of the VSL, you can pick up an application form at their club.  Before you go, give them a call to confirm when they are open and if they have  application forms at the bar. Their phone number is (905) 544-6541.