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A sea cadet at RCSCC LION from 1963 to 1968, I joined the Naval Reserve at HMCS STAR in 1968 as a Bos'n. I was an Officer Cadet in the ROUTP, commissioned in 1971, and awarded my watchkeeping ticket in 1973. I served at sea, at one time or another, in all five Gate Vessels and HMCS FORT STEELE & CHAUDIERE as well as the Coast Guard icebreaker Louis St. Laurent and served as OIC of the patrol vessels RALLY and RAPID. At STAR from 1968 to 2007, I served as XO twice and then as CO from 2002 to 2005. I rounded out my career by serving as SSO Training at NAVRESHQ in Quebec City in 2008, retiring in 2009 as CO of HMCS HUNTER in Windsor. I was Executive Director for the Friends of HMCS HAIDA till 2011 and have been an active volunteer onboard HAIDA since she arrived in Hamilton in 2003.

Additions to Book of Remembrance

12 January 2016

There were fifty-four men listed in STAR’s original Book Of Remembrance.  Here are six more that should be included.  All were buried in Canada and three died after “VE” Day.  I suspect that they might have died of illness or injury serious enough for them to have returned from overseas or never have deployed.  Any further information will be appreciated.

Able Seaman Earl Alvin Bender


Born about 1926, son of William & Nettie Bender of Humberstone Township, Port Colborne.

Died 26 March 1944, aged, unknown causes.  Buried Overholts Cemetery, Humberstone.


Leading Stoker Kenneth Leonard Parker


Born about 1922, son of Thomas Parker, husband of Pearl Parker of Ottawa.

Died 14 April 1945, aged 23, unknown causes.  Buried Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa.


 LCdr John Woodward Dresser


T/LCdr 01 July 1943

Born 10 August 1901, son of Warren Sidney and Anna Dresser; husband of Georgina H. Dresser, 176 Geoffrey Street, Toronto.  Died 4 May 1945 (aged 43) of coronary thrombosis.  Buried Elmwood Cemetery, Sherbrooke, Quebec


Telegraphist Eric Milton Skinner

V-992, RCNVR

Born about 1923, son of George J. & Ada Skinner of Toronto.  Died 27 September 1945, aged 22, unknown causes.  Buried St. John’s Norway Cemetery, Toronto.


Plumber 1st Class John Logue


Born about 1898, son of Husband of Sarah Logue of Preston.  Died 19 June 1946, aged 48, unknown causes.  Buried Preston Public Cemetery, Cambridge.


CERA Walter Arthur Duggins

V-22356, RCNVR

Born 13 February 1889, son of Walter E. & Annie Duggins of Glasgow, Scotland, husband of Ethel of Galt.  Died 8 October 1946, aged 57 in Veterans Hospital, London (possibly Westminster Hospital at Commissioners & Wellington Roads), unknown causes.  Buried Port Elgin (Sanctuary Park) Cemetery.

Hamilton Admiralty Ball 2016

LIUNA Station
20 December 2015
HMCS STAR is planning an Admiralty Ball to be held on Saturday, 23 April (Saint George’s Day), 2016 at LIUNA Station, James Street North, Hamilton. The Ball will be open to all and tickets are expected to be $100 each.
The Ball will celebrate, among other things, the 150th anniversary of the involvement of the Hamilton Naval Company in battling the Fenian invaders in 1866, the 100th anniversary of the Hamilton Recruiting Committee for the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve in 1916 and the 75th anniversary of the commissioning of HMCS STAR in 1941.
Further details expected early in the New Year.