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History and heritage for sale!

From a Facebook page – Facebook Society of Military Artifact Preservation. While it is good to see things preserved, one cannot help but wonder if selling medals is really the right thing to be doing. Bob was the 17th of STAR’s Commanding Officers. He served as such for only fifteen months, although this was not unusual during and after the war, when some officers served only a few days as CO, eg. A/LCdr Roy Baker was CO for only forty-seven days.

For sale…

Cdr RG (Robert Galbraith) Wilson – HMCS Star 1963-1964

Cdr Wilson served with the RCNVR SWW at sea on the HMCS Iroquois and at HMCS Cornwallis in Halifax as a CPO. The CD is named to L/Cdr (L) R.G. Wilson. Lots of research potential related to his time on HMCS Iroquois.

$450 + Shipping.