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Hamilton Naval Veterans’ Association considering selling their building!

Hamilton Naval Veterans’ Association
October 26, 2017
Hamilton Naval Veterans’ Association
108 Parkdale Avene North
Hamilton, Ontario
L8H 5W9
Dear Shipmates:
As you are probably aware, there are many rumours being spread around about the HNVA. This letter is being written to clarify two matters. One, the current status of the club. Two, the sale of the building.
First and foremost, the club is open for business as usual and will be for the foreseeable future. The Officers want to stress that NOBODY wants to see the club close its’ doors and every effort is being made to prevent this from happening.
The essential facts are these. The HNVA is a business. It has expenses that have to be paid every month. To pay these expenses, we need money coming in. The main source of income for the club is the sales from the bar. We do generate small and periodic income from other sources, such as rentals for special events, but the bar is far and away our main source.
For the last several years, our bar sales have been declining because fewer members have been coming into the club on a regular basis. There are various reasons for this but the bottom line is we cannot continue to operate forever based on the current low patronage of our members. We urge our members to try and come in more often, especially when special events like dances, Weepers and Euchre Tournaments are being held.
Secondly, the building IS up for sale, but just the building only. For those of you who have been unable to attend recent General Meetings, please know that everything to do with this process has been presented to the membership in attendance on these Monday nights.
 There are two conditions of the potential sale. First, if we receive an offer, it must be presented to the membership for approval at a General Meeting. Second, if the building is sold, we will have 6 months of operation before the final closing day. This will allow us to find a home for the many artifacts in the club.
However, if we do not have enough money to carry on before the 6 months is up, we will have to close the doors when that happens.
The Officers and Executive will continue their best efforts to make maintain the building in a clean and attractive manner and to hold special events of interest for our members. But we need your support on a regular basis in order to keep the club afloat in the future.
If you are truly interested in the future of the HNVA, please try to get out to the Monday night General Meetings and provide your input and ideas that could help keep the club going. Or write a letter and mail it to the club or leave a phone message (905- 549-0084) and one of the Officers will get back to you.
Hope to see you there soon.
Yours truly,
Hamilton Naval Veterans’ Association