Coxswains of HMCS STAR

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This is an incomplete list lacking many names as well as dates for most.  Additions and corrections gladly accepted.

PO1 Jason Semenzow                                       July 2018

PO1 David Kraemer (CPO2 Jan 16)               July 2015

PO1 Lisa Nimchuk  (CPO2 Dec 13)                July 12 to June 15

PO1 Bruce Finlayson                                      July 09 to June 12

PO1 Russel “Rusty” Ruggles                          Sep 06 to Jun 09

PO1 Dave Bennett                                          2 May 04 to Aug 06

PO1 Rick Fuller                                               1 Jul 02 to 2 May 04

PO1 Ron Seager (CPO2 1 Jan 01)                 Jul 98 to 1 Jul 02

PO1 Paul Orgar                                               Nov 97 to Jun 98

PO1 Jim Farrauto

PO1 Paul Orgar

CPO2 Glenna Swing

CPO1 Jim Pearson

CPO1 Ron Moffatt

CPO Carl Hunt

CPO1 Mel James

CPO Jack Dunn

CPO Stan Psutka

CPO Ed Dunfield

CPO1 Len Seager

CPO Cross