This White Ensign was flown by HMCS CALGARY, a Flower Class corvette, while she was taking part in Operation Neptune […]


    On D-Day, 6 June 1944, the Bangor Class minesweeper, HMCS KENORA, J-281, Bangor Class minesweeper, took part in minesweeping operations […]

  • Rum Barrel

    Rum holds an iconic place in the life of any ship in the Royal Canadian Navy, even a stone frigate […]


    HMS RAMILLES was a Revenge Class battleship, commissioned in 1917, having missed the Battle of Jutland.  She and her four […]

  • knife 1914

    This knife bears the inscription M&D Canada 1914.  This would have been an issue knife, likely to a Canadian soldier […]

  • Painting by B.F. Gribble

    B. F. (Bernard Finegan) Gribble RBC SMA (10 May 1872 – 21 February 1962) Paintings by Gribble have been owned […]

  • Cutlass – unidentified

    26” x 1 ¼” curved blade, sharpened with 20 ¼ x 3/8” fuller, 1 ¼” ricasso Wood grip with wire […]

  • Royal Navy Cutlass Pattern 1804

    28 ½ x 1 ¼” straight non-fullered spear point blade Double-disk guard with rolled edge Steel patterned grip (loose) Illegible […]

  • Station Card, HMS MANTIS

    Willam Olyschuk, V51034.  HMS MANTIS was the Royal Navy’s Coastal Forces Base in Lowestoft. The Headquarters buildings for Mantis were on the Hamilton Dock, […]

  • Naval Pay Book

    S43A – Naval Pay Book, Medical and Dental Record and Identity Book HNHA 04-236

  • Engine Room Branch Personal Log

    CNS 2598 – Record of Service in HMC Ships, Engine Room Branch HNHA 04-250

  • Station Cards

    Two small station cards (S247A) from World War II: George Hedden, HMS (sic) CHICOUTIMI and Alex Ritchie, HMCS SWANSEA HNHA 04-870-003 […]

  • Station Card

    S.2036     PO, formerly L/Wren Ann Ireland, RCN Barracks HMCS AVALON (the RCN base in St. John’s, Newfoundland, during […]

  • ID card WRCNS 1944

    HNHA 04-870-005

  • Radio transceiver Marconi CSR-5A

    HNHA 04-406

  • aircraft radio receiver R1155A

    British Air Ministry radio receiver typically used during WWII on large aircraft like the Lancaster, Halifax, Wellington and Sunderland.  Paired […]